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PIM provides investment management and financial counseling services to hundreds of families in Washington and beyond. We manage investment portfolios on a discretionary, fee basis and offer financial and retirement planning services. We also coordinate with clients’ tax and estate law professionals to deliver a comprehensive wealth management value proposition.


Whether you are in the wealth accumulation phase, are approaching or in retirement, or are considering generational wealth transfer issues, your values, concerns, objectives and expectations are unique. Our process is comprised of the steps for gaining an understanding of these, determining how we can help and explaining exactly what is to be done, by whom and when.

Confidential, Open Dialogue: We explore together the details of your particular situation and the core and ancillary competencies of Personal Investment Management. We will present ourselves and answer any and all questions you may have. Initially, we anticipate doing much more listening than talking. Resulting from this initial consultation, we commonly request additional information in the form of various documents and statements for analysis.

Analysis: We then employ a detailed analytical process to gauge your current status relative to your stated goals and objectives. Depending on the specific nature of the discussion, this may require an examination of savings, investment, retirement, risk, tax and estate planning strategies. We will seek to identify misalignment between your current strategies and stated, desired outcomes and correct these in the formulation of our recommendations.

Recommendations: We then deliver our recommendations and the supporting rationale. Should we mutually determine that the technical, financial and interpersonal elements of an engagement appear suitable, we will formalize the advisory relationship.

Paperwork: Establishing a relationship with Personal Investment Management requires authorized signatures on several important documents. Examples include our Investment Advisory Agreement and Investment Objective Worksheet, as well as custodial account establishment, access or aggregation documents.

Plan Implementation: Once formally engaged, we implement the plans and strategies earlier agreed upon. This will include creating a suitable investment portfolio and may include facilitating meetings with additional service providers such as insurance, tax or estate planning professionals, as needed.

Plan Monitoring and Review: Things change. Investment Markets are fluid; developments, whether anticipated or surprises in domestic and international economics, politics and the regulatory environment (such as tax law) require constant monitoring. And equally as important, life happens. In order to remain current across the board, we meet with our clients regularly, as determined by them, generally either semi-annually or annually. In between meetings, we monitor investment portfolios and make adjustments as we deem appropriate given market, economic and regulatory conditions, developments and trends.

Financial Advice

Comprehensive financial counsel covering a range of topics such as
investment planning, retirement planning, tax planning,
social security planning and generational wealth transfer.

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