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Estate Planning

Only a qualified attorney can give specific legal advice. While we maintain advanced investment management and financial planning industry credentials, we are not attorneys.

General Guidance

PIM works with clients in the area of estate planning by providing general guidance on the components of a basic, will-based estate plan, the basics of trust planning, ensuring that beneficiary designations are correct and reflective of our clients wishes, and by facilitating testamentary wealth transfers when necessary.


PIM Financial Advisors often attend estate planning meetings with our clients' estate attorneys and participate to the extent appropriate in the coordination of estate plans with investment strategies.


In the event that estate planning is deemed appropriate, but our client does not have a current relationship with an estate planning attorney, PIM makes referrals to qualified local law firms with which our clients have worked for many years. We do not now, nor will we ever have a reciprocal relationship with any law firm.

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