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Tax Planning

Only a qualified tax professional can give specific tax advice. While we maintain advanced investment management and financial planning industry credentials, we are not qualified tax professionals.

Tax Efficient Investing

While we do not give specific tax advice, we do make every effort to invest our clients' investment and retirement assets in the most tax efficient manner. This includes an annual tax planning process of harvesting available tax losses and asset location strategies for non-retirement plan investment accounts.

Planning For Retirement

Retirement planning involves specific decisions that impact taxes and overall financial success. Among these decisions is the timing of claiming social security retirement benefits, determining the appropriateness of Roth conversions to lower future required minimum distributions and the impact of total taxable income on the taxability of social security retirement benefits and on the cost of healthcare. We work with our clients to carefully consider these, and other decisions that impact their financial security.


PIM coordinates with our clients' tax professionals, as appropriate. This frequently involves information sharing as well as implementing tax-specific distribution strategies.

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