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History of Personal Investment Management, Inc.

The original “PIM”. Far right, Mr. Frank Bosone. Far left, back row, Mr. Dennis Vogt. Back row, second from left, standing next to Mr. Vogt, Mr. Frank Paustain.

The original founder of what was to become Personal Investment Management, Inc. was Mr. Frank Paustain.  Mr. Paustain was highly regarded among staff and faculty at Bellevue Community College for his financial acumen.  He started two investment clubs around campus, resulting in requests from colleagues to manage their personal assets.  This required Mr. Paustain to become a Registered Investment Advisor, which he did, in 1979.

In 1984, Frank Bosone and Dennis Vogt joined Mr. Paustain, incorporated the business, and together became Paustain Investment Management, Inc. (the original “PIM”).  When Mr. Paustain was ready to retire in 1992, Messrs. Bosone and Vogt arranged to purchase Paustain Investment Management and shortly thereafter renamed the business Personal Investment Management, Inc.

For the next 20 years, until their retirement in 2012, Frank and Dennis provided expert investment management and financial counsel to clients through several market cycles, some downturns short-lived and relatively mild.  Others, such as the 2008 global financial crisis, far more harrowing.  We, the successors to Messrs. Bosone and Vogt, as well as PIM clients, hold them in the highest possible regard, both professionally and personally.