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Personal Investment Management was founded in 1984. For 37 years, PIM has provided asset management and professional financial counsel to individuals, families and their related entities. Our business is providing the freedom, peace of mind and security that comes from knowing that your hard-earned assets are being professionally managed and that you are on the right track toward achieving your financial goals and realizing your life dreams.

Organizational Values

PIM’s core values are apparent in every action carried out individually and collectively within our firm. They are a reflection of our culture and our fiduciary duty to place our clients’ interests ahead of our own. These values are the foundation for our conduct with our clients, partners and with one another.

Confidentiality: We consider our client relationships, and indeed all of our relationships to be sacred. PIM will never disclose non-public confidential information about any client to anyone unless legally required to do so.

Transparency: As a matter of business policy and SEC regulation, PIM makes full, fair, and proactive disclosure of all actual or potential conflicts of interest, applicable fees, and other material information. We stand ready to discuss any business matter pertaining to PIM at any time.

Integrity: We insist on unquestionable integrity in our interactions with our clients, with our partners and with one another.

Objectivity: As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, PIM does not accept compensation from investment product manufacturers or distributors and as such is better able to maintain objectivity in its investment selection process.

Professionalism: We strive to conduct our business with the highest degree of professional courtesy and respect to all constituents and stakeholders.

Competence: We believe strongly in ongoing professional education, pursuing and acquiring relevant industry credentials and maintaining a high level of technical competency. This is evident in the educational background and professional qualifications of all PIM staff.

Experience: We understand that in an ever-changing economic and geo-political environment, we must maintain current subject matter expertise in order to serve our clients. As such, we value and promote continuing education and opportunities for unique professional experience.

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